Bob has been endorsed by a great number of individuals and organizations throughout Washington County. This is just a partial list of the growing number of people supporting the re-election of Bob:

  • US Senator Bob Packwood
  • Governor Vic Atiyeh
  • State Senator Bruce Starr
  • Metro Council President, Tom Hughes
  • Craig Dirksen, Metro Council Dist.3
  • Chair, Washington County Board of Commissioners, Andy Duyck
  • Past Chair, Washington County Board of Commissioners, Tom Brian
  • Washington County Board of Commissioners, Roy Rogers
  • Sheriff Pat Garrett, Washington County
  • Rob Gordon, Washington County Sheriff, (Ret.)
  • Jerry Willey, Mayor, City of Hillsboro
  • Denny Doyle, Mayor, City of Beaverton
  • Peter Truax, Mayor, City of Forest Grove
  • Jeffrey Dalin, Mayor, City of Cornelius
  • David Hatcher, Mayor, City of North Plains
  • Pete Edison, Mayor of Banks
  • John Cook, Mayor, City of Tigard
  • Lou Ogden, Mayor, City of Tualatin
  • Bill Middleton, Mayor, City of Sherwood

  • Did you know that
    Bob is endorsed by
    all of Washington
    County's mayors?

  • John Leeper, Formerly Washington County Commissioner Dist. 2
  • Tom Johnston, City Council President, Forest Grove
  • Richard G. Kidd, City Councilor, Forest Grove
  • Dave Schamp, City Councilor, Cornelius 
  • Erik Seligman, School Board, Hillsboro
  • Glenn Miller, School Board, Hillsboro
  • Retired State Senator Charles Starr
  • Fire Chief Gary Seidel, (Ret.)
  • Ron Louie, Retired Chief of Police
  • Police Chief, City of Hillsboro, (Ret.) Lila Ashenbrenner
  • Gayle A. Nachtigal
  • Judy L. Willey
  • Bob Zabrowski
  • Dick Stenson
  • Denzi l Scheller
  • Les Davis
  • Harvey Kempema
  • Marv Garland
  • Manuel Castaneda
  • Dennis V. Griffiths
  • Chere Sandusky
  • Mike Ware
  • Ted Tracy
  • Lyell Gardner
  • Lois Ditmars
  • Trudy Good
  • Matt Pihl
  • Lila Ashenbrenner
  • Ali Reza Sadri
  • Rich Vial
  • Tom Holt
  • Terry Hummel, Cruise In Country Diner, Hillsboro
  • Nancy Newman Hummel, Cruise In Country Diner, Hillsboro
  • Ken Leahy, Ken Leahy Construction Inc.
  • Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce
  • Metro Homebuilders Association
  • Oregonians for Food & Shelter
  • Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce PAC, John D. Falco
  • FirstVote PAC, Paulette Pyle, Director
  • Roger Beyer, AG-PAC Chair
  • Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors PAC Trustees
  • Regence Oregon PAC
  • Oregon Right to Life PAC Board
  • Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC
  • AG-PAC members include:
  • Agricultural Co-Op Council of Oregon
    Columbia Helicopters, Inc.
    Associated Oregon Loggers
    Far West PAC
    J.R. Simplot Company
    Oregon Associations of Nurseries PAC
    Oregon Cattlemen's Association

    Oregon Dairy Farmers Association
    Oregon Farm Bureau PAC-OPAC
    Oregon Women for Agriculture
    Oregon Wheat Growers League
    Oregonians for Food and Shelter
    Oregon Seed PAC
    Umatilla Electric Cooperative, Inc


    Tell us why you would endorse Bob:

    Bob Terry has earned re-election.  As a common-sense businessperson, he has worked to keep taxes and fees down.  He has supported strong public safety programs to keep our neighborhoods safe.  He has supported job development and affordable housing while protecting our natural open spaces.

    Tom Brian, Former County Chair 1/1999 to 1/2011


    As a member of the Hillsboro School Board, I want Bob to continue to promote policies that grow the robust tax base we need to properly fund our schools.

    Erik Seligman, Hillsboro School Board


    I wholeheartedly support Bob as County Commissioner. He is a dedicated, hard working man with integrity and has my family's respect. He has proven himself capable to lead Washington County into the future.

    Gary Seidel, Retired Hillsboro Fire Chief


    Bob Terry understands how to balance our needs to protect the environment and a vibrant economy.  He is well suited to understand complex problems and break them into workable solutions.  Bob is a man who has worked in agriculture with migrants and understands our local economy better than most people I know.

    Manuel A. Castaneda, President PRO Landscape, Inc.


    I wholeheartedly support the candidacy of Bob Terry.

    John Leeper, Former Washington Co. Commissioner


    The issues as Bob Terry see them are right on track.  We are heading towards even faster growth and we need to strategically plan for the future.  We need to continue to set goals and prioritize our spending, in order to maintain the quality of life we currently enjoy in the county.

    Bob Zahrowski


    I heartily endorse Bob Terry for reelection as Washington County Commissioner.  Bob has always shown himself as a true representative of all the residents of our county.  He is thoughtful, honest and forthright in his representation of the people of this county.

    Michael Ware

    I have known Bob Terry as a neighbor and a business owner in this community.  I have witnessed his passion for the well-being and livability of Washington County, both in his involvement in this community and his tireless work as Washington County Commissioner, District 4, the past 3 years.  He has demonstrated his belief in accountability in government, careful consideration of the concerns of Washington county residents, job creation and job protection.

    Bob’s experience in managing complex business entities serves this County well.  I heartily endorse Bob Terry for County Commissioner, District 4.

    Marla J. Kent


    Bob’s campaign promises aren’t blue sky. We know what he stands for, we know what he will do, we know he will continue his balanced thoughtful actions. He has already earned a second term.

    Joan & Roger Smith


    Bob Terry County Commissioner balances business growth with the Oregon way of living and he get things done!

    Juanita Lint, Plum Hill Vineyards


    "I appreciate Bob's common sense approach to government. To build our community we need a balance of reasonable taxes, good paying jobs, and a nice place to live. A vibrant community leads to strong schools. Bob's proven leadership is critical to this."

    Glenn MillerGlenn Miller, Hillsboro School Board